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Past conference

Retinal Proteins 2018 and Retinal Proteins Conferences Archive

18th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 24-29 September 2018, Hockley Valley Resort, Ontario, Canada

Retinal Proteins 2016

17th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 2–7 October 2016 , Potsdam, Germany

Retinal Proteins 2014

16th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 5–10 October 2014 , Nagahama, Japan


Preparatory meeting

ISSP workshop “Physics and Chemistry of Light-induced Functions of Retinylidene Proteins” (in Japanese) 5-6 September 2019, Kashiwa, Japan

NIBB Workshop "Conference on Next Generation Photobiology" (in Japanese) 7-8 November 2019, Okazaki, Japan


Satellite workshop

OBTRC International Workshop "Recent Advances in Photochemistry, Photobiology and Optogenetics of Retinal Proteins"  OptoBioTechnology Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan