Each session (105 min) is composed of an Introduction by Chairs (10 min), 4 Invited Talks (80 min), and an Oral Presentation selected from a Poster (15 min). Session 12 and 13, sponsored by JST, are composed of 5-min Introduction and 5 Invited Talks (100 min).


Invited speakers have 15-min talk and 5-min discussion. Speakers selected from poster have 10-min talk and 5-min discussion.


The size of poster panel is 900 mm wide x 2,100 mm high.



Session 1 : Photochemistry of retinal proteins
Session 2 : Advanced methods for retinal proteins
Session 3 : Activation dynamics of retinal proteins
Session 4 : Structural mechanism of microbial rhodopsins
Session 5 : Ion-transporting mechanism in microbial rhodopsins
Session 6 : Signaling and activation mechanism in microbial rhodopsins
Session 7 : Functional diversity and evolution in microbial rhodopsins
Session 8 : Structural mechanism of animal rhodopsins and GPCR
Session 9 : Function of animal rhodopsins and related proteins
Session 10 : Biological rhythm and non-visual photoreception
Session 11 : Functional diversity and evolution in animal rhodopsins
Session 12 : Optogenetics I, sponsored by JST
Session 13 : Optogenetics II, sponsored by JST
Session 14 : Physiology of retinal proteins