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Satellite workshop

Young researchers are strongly encouraged to apply oral presentation.

OBTRC International Workshop "Recent Advances in Photochemistry, Photobiology and Optogenetics of Retinal Proteins"  OptoBioTechnology Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan


Past conference

Retinal Proteins 2018 and Retinal Proteins Conferences Archive

18th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 24-29 September 2018, Hockley Valley Resort, Ontario, Canada

Retinal Proteins 2016

17th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 2–7 October 2016 , Potsdam, Germany

Retinal Proteins 2014

16th International Conference on Retinal Proteins, 5–10 October 2014 , Nagahama, Japan


Preparatory meeting

ISSP workshop “Physics and Chemistry of Light-induced Functions of Retinylidene Proteins” (in Japanese) 5-6 September 2019, Kashiwa, Japan

NIBB Workshop "Conference on Next Generation Photobiology" (in Japanese) 7-8 November 2019, Okazaki, Japan